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Updated:June 5, 2023

The Imperial Japanese Navy Sasebo Naval Arsenal Mooring Facility for Ship Repairs (Tategami Mooring Basin)




This observation deck commands a bird’s-eye view of Sasebo Heavy Industries Company’s Sasebo Shipyard, which used to be called Sasebo Naval Arsenal. The U-shaped structure, which was the main facility in the arsenal, was a mooring facility for ship repairs. Two small peninsulas jutted into Sasebo Bay, Tategami-bana and Takatsuki-bana, and two small islands off the coast, O-Jajima and Ko-Jajima were used to form the 1,699-meter mooring facility. It was the biggest project in the Japanese Navy history. The construction was started in 1906 and it took 11 years to be completed. The significance of this construction was that the concrete used to build the basin walls was always exposed to sea water. It showed the establishment of the sea-water-proof concrete technology and it was an epoch-making event for the development of concrete structures along the seashore.






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