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Updated:August 7, 2017

ニホンイサンマークTategami Pier(Mooring Facility to Repair Ships at Former Sasebo Naval Arsenal)





From here, Sasebo Shipyard at Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. can be seen below. It was once the Sasebo Naval Arsenal, and the U-shaped structure that can be seen from here was a mooring facility to repair ships (Tategami Pier). It was one of the main facilities in the arsenal.


This pier with a total length of 1,699 meters was built making use of the areas sticking out to the Sasebo Bay, called Tategamibana and Takatsukibana, and the islands floating over there, Daijajima and Syojajima islands. For the navy, it was the biggest engineering work that took 11 years from 1906.

In this work, a large amount of concrete was used for the first time for a wall that is always in contact with sea water, which shows that the technology making sea water-resistant concrete had already been established. Since this work, concrete structures in full scale started to be built in ocean engineering works.




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