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Updated:August 7, 2017

ニホンイサンマーク Marudeyama Battery Site at Sasebo Fort of Former Army 

Marudeyama Battery was built in 1901 as a battery belonging to Sasebo Fort for the defense of Sasebo Naval Port. It was one of the main batteries in Sasebo Fort that assumed long close distance gun fights against enemy fleets. It was equipped with four cannons (a direct fire, Krupp-model, 35-caliber, 24cm of center axis) that were used when Japan won the Sino-Japanese War, and four mortars (28cm howitzers). They also built an observatory for the 28cm howitzer was also built . They were at active stations during the Russo-Japanese War and World War I, however had never been used in actual fights. In 1937, the 24cm cannons were removed. 28cm howitzers were used as gun batteries for trainings, then removed after the Pacific War.





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