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Updated:August 7, 2017

ニホンイサンマークThe 7th Dock at Former Sasebo Naval Arsenal (The 4th Dock at Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.)


The 7th dock (currently the 4th dock) was the last big facility built at Sasebo Naval Arsenal. This dock, with a full length of 343.8 meters and width of 51.3 meters, was completed in 1940, and used to build and repair Yamato class battleships. In July 1941, the battleship Musashi, that was being constructed at Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipyard, was docked and built some of its equipment.

After the war, this dock was also used to dismantle war vessels of the former navy such as the Aircraft Carriers Junyo, Kasagi, and Ibuki. After becoming “Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.” it built many ships including Nissho-maru (130,000 ton load capacity), the biggest tanker in the world in those days, other middle or large sized tankers, and bulk carriers.





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