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Updated:August 7, 2017

ニホンイサンマークFormer Sasebo Naval District Office (Sasebo District Headquarters of Maritime Self-Defense Force) 





Sasebo Naval District was established in July 1889 to defend the west side of Japan. Its wide jurisdiction also covered the Korean Peninsula, the Nansei Islands, and Taiwan. The headquarters office was a dignified brick building that became a symbol of the Sasebo Naval District displaying its power. Many buildings such as the government buildings were burned by the Sasebo Air Raid in June 1945, however some of them survived including the building for Signal Corps (building for System Signal Corps ), the weather station (building for military police brigade), and the underground air defense command post that were built in the Showa period, and the front gate that was used when Naval District was established.


In 1968, Sasebo District Headquarters of Maritime Self-Defense Force was transferred here, and is currently having the roll as one of the main bases for the country’s defense.





電話番号 0956-24-1111