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Updated:June 5, 2023

The Imperial Japanese Navy Sasebo Suiko-Sha Navy Officers’ Club (Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Sasebo History Museum)




The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Sasebo History Museum opened in 1997 using a part of the former Sasebo Suiko-Sha Navy Officers’ Club building. Sasebo Suiko-Sha Club was basically an accommodation for fleet officers and it also provided Navy officers with opportunities for social gatherings and entertaining foreign fleets officers. 

The first Sasebo Suiko-Sha Club was established at Tanigo-cho in 1893 and the second one was built at the current location in 1898. While the first one had a wooden structure, the second one was a two-story (partially three-story) reinforced-concrete building.

After the Pacific war, the club building came under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Forces and used as an officers’ club. This building retains the atmosphere of the days of Sasebo Suiko-Sha Club with the design around the entrance and the octagonal decorative roof.






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