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Updated:August 7, 2017

ニホンイサンマークMemorial Monument Sacred to Martyrdom of No.43 Submarine


In March 19, 1924, No.43 submarine was in practice outside Sasebo Port, sunk by colliding with the light cruiser Tatsuta. The survivors in the submarine were sorrowfully screaming for help over the phone, however the rescue operation did not go smoothly due to the water depth of 46 meters and the rapid current. In ten-odd hours from the breakout of the accident, no one answered any more in the submarine. 24 days after the sinking accident, the submarine was finally salvaged. When people saw 45 corpses at their positions and many wills in the submarine, they could not stop crying.

This accident was adopted as the theme of a song, and also a memorial monument sacred to them was built in Utogoe, from where the ocean’s surface at the area of the sinking can be seen, and people passed down the tragedy for years.





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