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Updated:December 9, 2019

Please be careful about food poisoning.

Please be careful about campylobacteriosis food poisoning.

Campylobacteriosis poisoning occurs nationwide!

Children and senior citizen who have weak resistance tend to have food poisoning, and a possibility that they become serious illness is high, so attention is required in particular.

A cause food of food poisoning by campylobacteriosis is sashimi of a chicken (eating raw of breast meat), raw lever and underdone meat and the food which was beaten and cooked by the cutting board and the kitchen knife in which bacteria was included.

When cooking and offering it, please confirm the use of the meat (for heating and for eating raw) and heat something for heating tightly to the center.

Please be careful about food poisoning by blowfish.

Please don't cook a blowfish by yourself. It's very dangerous for you to cook blowfish by yourself. When being the worst, people will die, so please never cook it for anybody.

Food poisoning occurs every year by the amateur cooking for which the person who doesn't have qualification of a blowfish transactor cooks the fished blowfish and the blowfish taken over from an acquaintance.

There is also a death case by food poisoning, so please never cook the fished blowfish and the blowfish taken over from an acquaintance.

Please don't spare it for a person.

Food poisoning by blowfish

60 generation man

He fishes blowfish and cooked by himself, and the person who ate simmering of internal organs of blowfish has died.

60 generation man

The person who got the blowfish from his friend made sashimi by himself and ate it , and has died.

The parents in sixties and teenager child.

3 family members who got the blowfish an acquaintance fished cooked it for sashimi and simmering by themselves and ate developed the numbness of the hands and feet.

(From Home Page of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.)