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Updated:June 5, 2017

Appropriate Actions In The Event of An Earthquake

Japan is an earthquake-prone country. Although precise prediction of earthquakes is said to be impossible with today’s scientific technology unfortunately, you can survive an earthquake and minimize its damage simply by becoming aware of potential hazards and taking some basic precautions.

The Moment an Earthquake Strikes

  1. First, protect yourself.
  2. Put out fires immediately.
  3. Secure an exit.
  4. If you discover a fire and it’s still small, put it out.
  5. Don’t rush outside. Hasty actions could cause infuries.

Tsunami Caused by Earthquakes

Be careful if you are in a place at risk from a tsunami.

  1. If you are at coastal areas, promptly move to higher ground.
  2. Even small earthquakes may cause tsunamis.
  3. Multiple tsunamis may come and the second wave could be larger than the first one.
  4. Tsunamis travel very fast. Be sure to evacuate as soon as possible.
  5. Before making a move, gather correct information through the radio, TV, and the Administrative Radio System.