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Updated:December 5, 2016

You can carry in your garbage to the Clean Centers.

The East Clean Center and the West Clean Center accept garbage from homes and companies located in Sasebo City.

Accepted Garbage

  • Household General Garbage (Combustible, Incombustible, Recyclables, Large-sized)
  • Business-related General Garbage


  1. Bring your garbage to a Clean Center.
  2. Check in. (*1)
  3. Go on to the on-board scale.
  4. Unload combustible, incombustible and large-sized wastes at the designated places respectively. (*2)
  5. Go back to the on-board scale and pay the disposal charge.
  6. All done.

(*1) Fill out the Proposal Request Form at the desk. To avoid bringing in unaccepted wastes to a Clean Center, officers may check the inside of bags. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

(*2) When you have recyclables, unload the waste at the Recyclable Storage Area.

(East Clean Center: Before Process 3, West Clean Center: After Process 5)


  • Follow the officers’ directions in the facilities for safety.
  • Unloading locations differ according to items. Sort properly (4 kinds 14 categories) to unload each waste smoothly. For information on how to sort and dispose, look at Garbage Calendar & Disposal Guide.
  • Use transparent or translucent bags.
  • Pruned branches should be cut no longer than 80 cm. One branch should be under 10 cm in diameter.
  • Be careful not to get mud mixed in with fallen leaves.
  • We don’t accept some items such as 5 electric appliances and industrial wastes.For more information, look at Garbage Calendar & Disposal Guide.


8:30 am – 5:00 pm 


Sundays, Part of Japanese National Holidays, Year-end & New Year Holidays 

Disposal Fee

It costs \450 per visit up to 50 kg. When over 50 kg, \90 will be added per 10 kg.

The following garbage is free of charge.

  • Household Garbage in City-designated Bags
  • Properly Classified Recyclables

Locations & Inquiries

East Clean Center

Address:1036-1 Daito-cho, Sasebo



West Clean Center

Address:294-2 Shimo-motoyama-cho, Sasebo